Live At Leeds is all about the spontaneity. Walking past participating venues and going in to have a quick look at who’s playing is the done thing. With so many new and upcoming acts playing across the city of Leeds, it’d be difficult (and wrong of you) to not spend your day checking of a few of the new acts on the line-up.

Originally from London, Nina Fine is currently based in Leeds since making the big move up north for university. Adding the soul twist the Leeds scene music needs, Gigslutz had a quick chat with Nina after her set to talk about her music, the festival and the future.

Following introductions, talk quickly moves to Fine’s sound. Describing herself as a soul singer and writer, Fine continues explaining that “it’s nostalgic dreams reflecting what’s happened in life, but with a jazzier soul twist. Some of my friends even say my music has a jazz infused flavour!”

Her slot at the festival sees her open Leeds College of Music’s Recital Room ahead of the likes of Into The Arc and Mullally. The solely acoustic stage gives Nina that “gorgeous intimate feel” she loves. Being one of the first acts on can’t be easy, but she soon brushes off any nerves she had before playing, explaining that “sharing a stage or a festival with some of the musicians that I’ve been following their journey is an amazing feeling!”

Live At Leeds is something that seems really exciting to her, as she continues, “so many stages in 12 hours lends to spontaneously finding new musicians that you’ve ever heard of, so there’s that chance kind of effect! It’s all about seeing the new and unknown. There’s nothing like that feeling of live music as an artist or a listener!”

Today sees her play completely solo, just Nina Fine and her piano, but she’s already planning to create a band over the next couple of months.

“As a soloist, while I think it’s great to develop your sound internally and being influenced by other artists,” she begins. “There’s something about being in a band and learning from other musicians, and of course their tastes! Like I’d never have found out about Erykah Badu and she’s a great soul singer. So, being with other people changes your song writing style as well.”

Currently with just two tracks on SoundCloud, and a couple of live tracks on YouTube, more recordings are in the works for over the summer months, with even talk of an EP as “summer is really the time” to produce it.

Her recent track, ‘Little Lies’, which she played at the Sofar Leeds event in November (check it out below), is one she’s keen to get released in the near future. If you’re all about the perfect mix of jazz, soul and strong vocals with a little bit of scatting thrown in then ‘Little Lies’ is for you.

As for future plans, an EP is Fine’s first aim, complete with “that developed band sound”, but with the talk of more festivals for the soul singer, things get interesting. “I’m potentially playing at Secret Garden Party this summer,” she says with the widest grin, “Other applications are in the process too though!”

Check out ‘Music Man’ and ‘Butterfly Mix’ on Nina’s SoundCloud here!

Becky Rogers


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