ALBUM: Palma Violets ‘Danger In The Club’

Building on the last record’s sloppy rock n roll, Palma Violets have fallen far from making the mistake of producing a try-hard follow-up to 180. ‘Hollywood (I Got It)’ instigates the primal pre-punk hooks that don’t show any signs of backing down on ‘Girl You Couldn’t Do Much Better (On The Beach)’. The jerky, slapdash melodies show a hint of maturity as the record goes on, becoming much more than just youthful, unruly rock but instead showing signs of growing up.

Not afraid to slow things down on ‘The Jacket Song’ and ‘Matador’, Samuel Fryer’s earnest pleas of forgiveness detract from their punk, unsophisticated façade. However, still wanting to show their fun and arduous side, title track ‘Danger In The Club’ and ‘Gout! Gang! Go!’ flip their new found maturity on its head. Though far from revolutionary, riffs full of vigour bounce alongside basslines tough enough to do some damage, letting the punk influences of the album ring out loud. Ending with a mumbling drawl on ‘English Tongue’, there’s a nod to The Clash and early Libertines, but still seems somewhat lacking in the notorious earworming shouts and riffs that Palma Violets have rightfully been hyped for.

Danger In The Club was all about avoiding the second album clichés, and retaining the simplicity and youthfulness of 180, but by doing this there’s a new found confidence here. It’s the same good, old Palma Violets bashing out the clanging melodies, bellowing harmonies and solid beats, but it’s all a bit more fun. With not much more to prove, the garage-indie rock quartet can go home happy that they’ve managed to do it right.



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