Peace + Juice LIVE @ The Library, Birmingham 24.01.2015

Being frontrunners of everything ‘B-Town’, eyes have long been on Peace. And if 2013 and 2014 saw them go from being ungoogleable to indie-rock poster boys, with the release of the second album Happy People looming, 2015 can only get better.

Keeping things local, Juice take to the stage letting infectious hooks and hazy vocals with an added grit take over. Before reaching their only released track ‘Sugar’, the four-piece offer up the likes of ‘Tommy Slow Down’ and ‘Acid Kids’, which leave the crowd in a frenzied rage, all ready for the disorder of Peace.

Sauntering on stage to Fleetwood Mac’s ‘The Chain’, Peace are quick to get across they’re here to put on a show. There’s no hesitation to hold back as straight away the brash riffs and catchy lyrics of ‘Higher Than The Sun’ and ‘Follow Baby’ pack a punch.

Knowing how sought after tickets for tonight were, Peace are only trying to make those weren’t successful jealous. ‘1998’ and ‘Bloodshake’ flood the room with nostalgia over their EP Delicious days, haunting everyone with wilful melodies that can’t help but oblige you to sing along. It’s not all loud-mouthed guitars and heavy handed basslines though as ‘Float Forever’ and ‘Sugarstone’ go down a treat reminding people that even their softer side holds the same swagger.

Fitting in the new material goes without issue. Money and Lost On Me get treated like old favourites even with the move away from indie-rock to more funked up beats, and the yet to be released tracks like the easy-going Someday still gain anthemic status from the crowd.

Capping tonight with ‘I’m A Girl’s’ distorted rock, ‘Lovesick’s’ rash serenades and one last groove with ‘World Pleasure’, there’s no need to talk down the hype surrounding Peace. There’s still the question whether Happy People will continue their winning streak but with no signs of disappointment from the crowd, it looks like it just might happen.


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