Album: The Moons ‘Mindwaves’

Intermixing the carefree days of glam-rock with modern day angst are The Moons. The opening of ‘Luna’ Intro promptly familiarises you with their rock n roll vision. George Orwell ode ‘Societ’y sounds far from the dystopian anthem vocalist Andy Crofts croons with its psych-tinged instrumentation, while the embodiment of Tame Impala, Kasabian and Blondie takes place in the ballsy ‘Body Snatcher’.

Best placed in an 80s gothic-thriller soundtrack is the hazy ‘All In My Mind’ which completely leaves behind any Bolan or Bowie references with its derailed church organ and erratic string arrangement. ‘You Can’t Slow Me Down’ makes a sly nod to the psychedelic 60s, laden with gaudy keys and echoing backing vocals it goes all out to be a good old pop song.

Removing any trace of glitz is the euphoric closer ‘On The Moon’, sodden with reverb the ballad ends the record on what sounds innovative but the blasé finish seems like an attempt to show they’re not all about the glam. It may not all be about the glam in Mindwaves but glam is what The Moons do best.


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