Superfood, Honeyblood + Dumb LIVE @ The Oobleck, Birmingham- 31/11/2014

Gone are the days where Superfood’s online presence was just pictures of different kinds of fruits that would bring you the best health benefits. Their charm still makes them feel like everyone’s little secret but maybe it’s time for that to change as their sell-out Halloween show for NME’s New Breed Tour is only the beginning of everything  Superfood.

Sporting Peaky Blinders attire, Dumb begin the Halloween fun with infectious melodies laden with self-confidence. The mix of new tracks and their recent EP goes down a treat with most relaying the on stage energy with heartily sung lyrics and the unruliness taking over the venue. Even with the recent line-up change, duo Honeyblood continue the night flawlessly. Their catchy choruses with the added gritty bite uphold everyone’s enthusiasm and set things up for the homecoming of everyone’s favourites Superfood.

Despite their heavy-handling of brash 90s Britpop style tracks, Superfood opt for the friendly costumes of Hey Arnold to celebrate their return to Birmingham. Leaving little chance for an introduction, frontman Dom Ganderton steers straight into the loud-mouthed riff of Bubbles which gives the go ahead for the crowd surfers and pits alike and leads the way for an equally as strenuously played out TV.

Taking a quick romanticised break with Pallasades, it’s the first chance we get to hear the new material. Even with the succession of tracks from their debut Don’t Say That, there’s no signs of a back down from either sides. ‘Here’s one we don’t play that often’ signals the borderline gushy singalong of Houses On The Plain before being quickly returning to their feverish, bouncing melodies of Mood Bomb and Right On Satellite. Their self-titled single entices the crowd with one last chance to leave a good, rowdy impression so with everyone under their control, the Brum 4-piece finish Halloween off with brazen cries of ‘Superfoood’ accompanied by audacious Britpop melodies. Birmingham’s never felt so cool.


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