INTERVIEW: The History Of Apple Pie


The History Of Apple Pie are Steph Min, Jerome Watson, James Thomas, Aslam Ghauri and Joanna Curwood. Formed in 2011, this energetic London five piece have already treated us to debut album Out Of View as well as several tracks from their new record, including ‘Tame’, ‘Don’t You Wanna Be Mine?’ and ‘Jamais Vu’. Ahead of the release of second album Feel Something on September 29, we caught up with drummer James to chat about the new album,  their new bassist and getting The Jesus Lizard back together.

Hello The History Of Apple Pie. Where are you and what have you been up to this week?

I’m in my flat in London. My girlfriend is back home in Japan so I’ve been doing whatever the hell I want.

For those not familiar with your music, how would you describe your sound?

It’s pop music with guitars.

With new single ‘Tame’ and follow-up album Feel Something set for release later this month, how have things developed from your debut?

Well, we got a new bassist (Joanna) at the end of 2013, which reinvigorated us and got us really motivated to go and make Feel Something. Once Joanna came in, it lifted restrictions on what we could have previously done musically and it totally changed the energy within the band. We got really excited to just go and make another album, and then suddenly we had one.

What was it like working with Joshua Third of the Horrors and Charles Reeves again for the new album?

It was great. We wanted to do it quickly to give it urgency and keep it exciting; we’d booked the studio time before we’d even finished writing all the songs, and then we went in and recorded it all in eight days with Charles. He’s converted his old house in Islington into a studio, so it’s a nice big space set up over a couple of floors.

When I listen to your music I can picture you featuring on the soundtrack of every 90s coming of age film imaginable. If you had to pick one to do the soundtrack for, which would it be?


Tell us about the first and last albums you bought and the first and last gigs you attended.

First album I bought myself was Nirvana’s Bleach when I was 10, but my Mum had already bought me Nevermind before that. Last album I bought was Ought’s More Than Any Other Day. Last gig: I just filled in on drums for a Yuck gig in Poland, and Eagulls and Unknown Mortal Orchestra were also playing, so they were the last bands I saw. They were both really great.

If you were given the opportunity to curate your own festival, who would you book and why?

I’d have The Jesus Lizard reform again because they are the greatest live band there ever was.

What’s next for The History Of Apple Pie?

Touring this new album and then we’ll make another one!


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