ALBUM: The Wytches ‘Annabel Dream Reader’

The dark side of pyschedelia is ever present in The Wytches’ debut Annabel Dream Reader. Straight away their disordered melodies kick in but are slightly fazed by the softer décor as the surf-pop bends of ‘Weights and Ties’ conflict with the grungy, heavier likes of ‘Gravedweller’ and ‘Digsaw’. There may be an everlasting falling-out between the tracks but it doesn’t stop there being an underlying spy movie soundtrack score appeal. As the record progresses, there’s a loss of the faster beats in favour of a disciplined approach with the same grunge, surf, rock and metal entanglement being drawn-out, leaving a bigger focus on the poetic lyrics of Bell that give a nod towards his unlikely singer-songwriter influences of Leonard Cohen and Elliott Smith. The Wytches have become the essence of stoner-rock; ‘Robe For Juda’ combines the groove laden fuzzy bass, primitive distorted guitars and feral vocal that give little care for the constraints of rock. Annabel Dream Reader doesn’t conform from start to finish – the rebelling-pysch is something unfamiliar yet feels strangely inviting with the elements outwardly alien to each other uniting perfecting. Pyschedelia has been painted black.


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