Track of the Week: Lost On Me – Peace

It’s time to raise the question over whether a band can be too good too quickly. Entering the public eye with EP Delicious 2 years ago was an audacious move from the starters of B-Town but have Peace made it difficult for themselves to keep their game that high? It’s questionable with their new track ‘Lost On Me’ which resonates back to the disco-pumped 80s with the throw in of some sharp hooks. White on white is quite the fashion faux pas and them dancing around a quarry reminds you a bit of ABBA and as good as ABBA were there’s a time and a place for Agnetha, Bjorn, Benny and Frida.

Without sounding like the typical teenage music fan complaining about every move a band makes away from their origins, Peace have made it hard for themselves and there’s little chance of something as great as EP Delicious coming our way soon. Say goodbye to the days of  ‘Bblood’, ‘Li’l Echo’ and that song ‘1998’. It might just be ‘second album syndrome’ but Peace make the right choice and be amazing again please.


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