June Playlist

june playlistLet’s forget about the missed months (just blame A-levels) and bring back the monthly playlist for good. Finally the sun’s back and we’re soon to be inundated with 2014’s summer hits oozing with sun-kissed riffs and carefree beats but before we’re treated; it’s time to reminisce over tracks from the past.

1. Waterloo Sunset – The Kinks

It’s the traditional summer song – you can’t fault it. The Kinks are on another level even compared to bands in the same era. Davies’ vocals just utter relaxation and the blissful, plodding melodies make it the track you want to turn up loud and sing along as out of tune as humanly possible.

2. The Look – Metronomy

It’s the epitome of summer. Jaunty keys move along with the chirpy bass lines, leaving no more space for another once of summer.

3. The Times They Are A-Changin’ – Bob Dylan

When it gets to Bob you know it’s going to get a bit deep but his simple chord progressions alongside the characteristic Dylan-harmonica take it back to basics. It’s one of those tracks you can imagine yourself walking around the countryside by yourself with a movie soundtrack playing in the background while you contemplate life in the baking hot sun.

4. Everyday – Buddy Holly

Bring on the clapping and xylophone. The godfather of rock n’ roll will never leave us completely – his distinctive vocals and ‘eys’ are here forever.

5. In Between Days – The Cure

“The Cure are so depressing” you hear the people who’ve never given them a chance cry. Smith’s glorious voice shines out amongst the synths and simple, yet rampant strums of chords to bring us a track glimmering everything that will make you want to leave the safety of indoors and dance your heart out beneath the sun.

6. Wait – DIIV

It’s the summer so DIIV are essential like every other time of the year. Shimmering synths, Cole’s airy vocals, lenient riffs and laid-back everything make it perfect for the days you don’t want to do much else than to lie back and enjoy the heat.

7. Touch Me – The Doors

Jim Morrison on acid in the desert – you can’t get less summery than that. Forget Jack Black in ‘School of Rock’ – the original boasts acid-fuelled keys and a funky sax part that you can’t get much cooler than.

8. Dazed And Confused – Led Zeppelin

If you don’t question how Jimmy Page managed to play the solo in ‘Dazed and Confused’ there must be something wrong with you. That’s not humanely possible. Screechy guitars, slow and reserved bass lines and Plant’s vocals leave it as one of the best tracks you will ever hear.

9. Ask – The Smiths

Again you hear the people never to have heard ‘Ask’ crying over how depressing Morrissey made The Smiths. The guy may have been a bit deep but you can’t deny ‘Ask’ is one of the most upbeat songs you can listen to. Bouncing lyrics, happy riffs and just a whole load of fun.

10. Always Like This – Bombay Bicycle Club

The perfect song. The perfect festival song. Just the perfect song. Centred around Nash’s repetitive bass line the bouncing track persuades you to jump around and live it takes no time in reeling in the fans to initiate pits everywhere.


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