Track of the Week: Right On Satellite – Superfood

It feels like the days Superfood were the band that you were told to get excited about as they were the best thing coming out of Birmingham despite their lack of released material are long behind us. Forget the days when only a select few who’d seen them live could say about their love for them. It’s a year later and we’ve got so much Superfood to listen to there’s no way anyone can complain about their mystery any more.

Their most recent release ‘Right On Satellite’ doesn’t go far away from the classic Superfood 90s sound but the opening riff makes a psych-tinged move towards the colourful 60s making the right choice for it to be a contender for best summer anthem. Once again Dominic Ganderton’s familiar vocals overlap with raspy cries during the roaring chorus whilst the chirpy bass lines and riffs work their magic along with the drums to make it the infallible foot-tap-and-head-nod inducing song.


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