Wolf Alice, Superfood + Gengahr LIVE @ The Temple, Birmingham 12.05.14

In support of their upcoming EP Creature Songs London’s Wolf Alice made their way to Birmingham along with Gengahr and locals Superfood.

London’s Gengahr started things off with their easy-listening indie rock. Contrasting with the later act’s 90’s style, their summer tunes still left the early comers pleased with the harmonious vocals, slick bass lines and chilled riffs.

The big surprise of the night was the appearance of Brum’s own Superfood. When the tour was announced the lack of their support for the Birmingham date didn’t go down to well but to those with tickets, the last minute announcement they would actually be on the bill came as the best news of the day. It’s clear Superfood aren’t the big secret they once were as with an ever-growing online presence and the mixture of old and new tracks in their set have made them one of Birmingham’s most exciting new bands.

‘TV’ got things moving as soon as the repetitive lines ‘I could never sleep/I could never sleep without the TV on’ began being yelled by frontman Dominic Ganderton. Requests of ‘Bubbles’ signalled what was soon to come which with its Britpop-fueled riffs kept the cheers and liveliness keep on coming from the crowd. The first track to ever surface was the eponymous ‘Superfood’ which is the apt way to end a set. Energy levels were on a high right up until the ending note leaving Superfood maintaining their reputation of a fierce and loud performance.

Headliners Wolf Alice didn’t hold back initially with the opener new track ‘Moaning Lisa Smile’. The insanely catchy chorus left those who weren’t so familiar still shouting along with the ‘aahs’ coming from Ellie Roswell and the loud-mouthed riffs carried on where Superfood left off. Not wanting to get rid of the high energy, ‘She’ followed. The held-back verses left space for pits to start forming while the gentle riffs unfolded but the swift move back to the brisk chorus left everyone screaming the lyrics back to them.

Unreleased tracks ‘Your Love’s Whore’, ‘You’re A Germ’ and ‘Baby Ain’t Made Of China’ left Roswell’s sweet sounding vocals to take over at the outset but then the overdriven guitars sometimes took precedence giving everyone the go ahead to form the pits once again. ‘Storms’ returned the aggressive Wolf Alice while still keeping their gentle side when only Roswell and bassist Theo Ellis were left.

Leaving behind the teenage angst, the delicate ballad ‘Blush’ left people pulling out their lighters and swaying along with the gentle vocals, chilled-out riffs and low-key drums. With a smooth transition into a cover of Chris Isaak’s ‘Wicked Games’, the  easy-going, calm Wolf Alice carried on but to be quickly cut off by the favourite, 90’s sounding ‘Bros’. The ending of their set was left them with thrashing at their guitars and going full-force to split the crowd with those fully immersed in the pits at the front and then those nodding along appreciatively nearer the back.

No-one had to wait long for the encore as once they’d left the stage, the cries of ‘Wolf Alice’ brought them back not even a minute later. “What do you want to hear?!” drummer Joel Amey shouted with the immediate response of ‘Fluffy’ which prompted havoc to break out in the crowd for the very last time.

Birmingham’s become Wolf Alice’s second home as with each set they play getting even crazier than the previous. They’ve got named ones to watch by many and with their faultless live sets it’s clear Wolf Alice are going to get even bigger this year.


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