EP: Moon Culture ‘Exist’

Things have been taken fully minimalistic by Moon Culture; his experimental tracks have taken things back to basics on his EP ‘Exist’. Released last year, the 6-track EP is packed full of simple beats and rhythms that work together seamlessly to create a chilled out feel.

Straight from the offset ‘Sunrise’ sounds almost lullaby-like with the backing of falling water accompanying a few repeated, solemn notes. Not escaping the pastoral theme, ‘Summer’ and ‘Mist’ follow with the same formula working equally as well. Sounding slightly more electronic ‘Summer’ sounds like a subdued TEED whilst ‘Mist’ gains some melodic vocals which keep the track to the same relaxed feel. ‘Wilderness’ begins with an ominous mood which is outstretched throughout but the small jazzed up drum parts quickly counteract it making it feel more like TEED again. Next up is title track ‘Exist’ which uses a reoccuring piano sample which along with the restrained drum beats sounds sweet-sounding yet detached due to the constant minimalism. Finishing it off is ‘Sunset’ which makes the EP feel complete with the track name corresponding to the opener. It’s short but sweet with the brief length of just over 1:30 but it’s still kept Moon Culture’s distinct sound. The use of a sample from Daughter’s ‘Love’ takes precedence over the spectral, atmospheric backing which keeps the relaxed tone ongoing right the way through.

Chris’ debut EP ‘Exist’ is available to download on Bandcamp so make sure to check it out down below.



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