March Playlist

march playlist


I See You – The Horrors

Seven and a half minutes of the best thing you will hear for a long time. Earlier this month we all welcomed back The Horrors with open arms when they released the first track of their 4th album Luminous and it’s seem them do everything they usually do but 100x better. It’s reminiscing back to the 80s with the synths pop explosion that’s taking place. Imagine the perfect parts of Skying and Primary Colours being put all together into one – that’s ‘I See You’.

Zoal, Face Dancer – Grimes

Everyone has a soft spot for Grimes. She’s one of those people who can do anything musically and it’ll be perfect. Her debut is the best example of perfect music as it can be turned to whatever mood you’re in – the whole simplicity of the album is what makes it so great. ‘Zoal, Face Dancer’ has an almost eerie feel to it but at the same time it’s one of her most endearing songs due to it’s repetitive nature. After one listen you’ll be in love with Claire Boucher.

World Pleasure – Peace

The announcement that Harry Koisser would be rapping on the next record would be a bit surprising for even the biggest Peace fan. The 6 minute long spoiler for album no.2 has got Harrison rapping (well, speaking) for the verses while being backed by a jaunty Chic-esque beat being provided by Dom Boyce. The addition of a jazzy bassline has made this new track a step up from their debut In Love. They’ve taken a swift move away from the guitar-centred tracks of 2013 and replaced it for – quite simply – a whole load of funk.

Solo – Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs

Back to the older material now but TEED will never grow old. He dresses up and plays cool electronic dance tracks; what more could you want from a musician? Drums take control in ‘Solo’ with soft, periodic vocals from Higginbottom contrasting with the sharpness of the heavy beat. It’s approaching 2 years since his album Trouble was released which – hopefully – signals the time for a follow up.

Doused – DIIV

DIIV make everything cool. They’re so chilled and laidback that they’re perfect for every situation. ‘Doused’ is jangly and chirpy but still keeps a slight dark element that makes it so loveable.

Still Ill – The Smiths

Make sure you listen to the Hatful of Hollow ‘Still Ill’ because you will never get a better harmonica solo than that recording. This version has slowed things down a bit and made it less hollow yet still in keeping with the standard Smiths sound. As it’s nearing spring and summer, it’s time for The Smiths again.

Yacht Boys – Howler

Big, loud and swiftly played hits are what Howler are here for. The new album has carried on where America Give Up left off but with the addition of some ‘softer’ (if you can call them that) tracks, it’s made Howler even better. ‘Yacht Boys’ is one of the fast-paced ones off World of Joy and even after one listen you can’t help but attempt to sing along with Jordan Gatesmith’s cries.

Castles Made Of Sand – Jimi Hendrix

He’s the god of all music. How cool would it be to be able to play guitar with your teeth like Hendrix can? He makes playing guitar sound so simplistic and easy but the riffs he pulls off are just the best thing you can hear. In ‘Castles Made Of Sand’ his laid-back style has been pulled off perfectly to create this calming track that can’t be beaten. “And so castles made of sand fall in the sea eventually” so deep Jimi.

Cadillac Girl – Only Real

It’s good to see the movement to a major label hasn’t changed Niall Galvin aka Only Real from his previous material. The redone ‘Cadillac Girl’ is still blaring out summer in every way possible; his carefree rapping and easygoing riffs are still going strong.

Reservoir – Metronomy

It’s so good that Metronomy have returned. ‘Reservoir’ is instantly recognisable as a Metronomy track by it’s repetitive keys chords and riff which you can imagine Oscar Cash dancing along with. Frontman Joseph Mount’s breach into falsetto vocals has paid off well as it’s made it that little bit extra special.


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