Interview: Best Friends

They shred til you’re dead and party hard – Best Friends make the sort of music that makes you want to turn the volume right up and pray for shorts weather. They’ve just got announced to play at Y Not Festival and there’s an album coming our way very soon so Lewis answered some questions.

Hey Best Friends, firstly how was 2013 for you?
Hi, It was good thanks, we did lots of cool stuff, the highlight for me probably being playing with Thee Oh Sees in Liverpool.

What made you want to start playing music?
I think I’d always liked going to shows and wanted to play in a band but in my hometown when I was in college all of my friends already had their own. When I came to uni I was pretty determined to make it happen. I decided I wanted to front because I was shy and felt that it would help me out to throw myself into the deep end. 

How do you go about achieving your sound? Is there any effects pedals you can’t play without or do you like to change it up a lot?
When we started we had no idea about equipment and what to use to get different sounds. We used to play just straight through into amps, which was good because you’re not relying on things if they stop working, which seems to happen to us alot. Over time we’ve got more pedals which has really allowed us to expand on our sound. As much as having a job instead of having the safety net of the student loan has affected the time we have to put into the band, its meant in the last year or so me and Tom have been able to buy proper guitars, decent amps and interesting pedals. It really does make alot of difference. 

On Instagram you’ve been teasing us pictures of you recording a new record. What should we expect from the new material?
Yeah! we’re really excited for people to hear it, because our last substantial release was the Throwing Up EP in 2012. Its really easy to forget people haven’t heard these songs, apart from Happy Anniversary and Nosebleeds, even though we’ve been sitting on them for a while. Its been a long time coming, but if we were to release an album in summer 2013 we would have had to finish the writing at the end to 2012 and August to August we had put out 2 EPs and a split. Alot of people seem to be releasing a load of singles then using those tracks and adding a couple more to make their album. We wanted our debut to have as many unheard tracks as possible and by taking our time its allowed us to make a properly considered record that we are really proud of, rather than rushing it out just so its there.

Are there any upcoming bands that you’re loving at the moment that we should check out?
Fruit Tones are a really good band from Manchester, they sound a bit like the strange boys but more psychedelic. Also I saw the Fat White Family the other night, who are actually just as great and sleazy as everyone is telling you.

If you could play a gig with anyone (even Miley Cyrus) who would it be?
Craig David, Hampshire Rose Bowl, 2003.

What should people expect when going to one of your shows?
More fireworks than when your dad saw Pink Floyd in 74.

You frequently refer to yourselves as ‘Best Friends Party Hard’ – when’s a time you’ve partied too hard?
There’s been lots of partying, but in the summer we will be playing a festival with king of party Andrew WK. We wanna see if we can keep up and hopefully he wont sue us.

Does 2014 see anything else exciting lined up for Best Friends?
The records out in the summer, we’re gonna tour it and play some festivals, probably some abroad too.
And finally what everyone wants to know is what made you shit out of that window in your video for ‘Witches’?
First off I just want everyone to know it wasn’t me personally. I didn’t really realise how much people freak out about poo until the other night when the singer of Fat White Family put some on his face. Anyway you either find poo funny or you dont and I very much do, sorry if you dont.

Everyone finds poo funny.


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