Interview: Louis Bhose

Search ‘Louis Bhose’ on Twitter and you find things like “Met @louisbhose tonight, he’s my fucking idol” and “@louisbhose love you louis bhose“. What’s caused people to become so starstruck? His career started out presenting a show on MTV which then led onto more television work for ‘Class of 2008’ – this followed his path of becoming a “superstar DJ and musician extraordinaire”. But you’re more likely to recognise him as Bombay Bicycle Club’s live keys player or as ex-Theme Park bassist. He’s even worked with the likes of Summer Camp, Eliza Doolittle and Remi Nicole. I got the chance to ask him a couple of questions and here are the results.

What made you realise leopard print and peroxide blonde hair were going to be your thing?
Hilariously, back when I was working at MTV, we actually had a stylist. I know right – LOL.

What are your fashion and beauty tips to achieve the ‘Louis Bhose’ look?
Douse yourself constantly in turbo moisturiser so as not to let your eczema get in the way of your cool vibes.

When’s the solo album out?
The Louis Bhose Inexperience (AKA the BBC roadie band) are far too underground to ever release music. Listen hard enough outside venues before soundcheck though and you may hear a snippet of hits such as ‘I would dye 4u’ and ’emotion in d minor’.

If you didn’t already have the prestige of being Louis Bhose, what musician would you like to be?
I think someone like John Paul Jones kinda has it all in terms of musicianship, talent and career.

Have you ever had a weird, obsessive fan situation that’s made you question whether you have become a ‘musician extraordinaire’? If so, please explain.
Um, not really. Someone once baked me cupcakes though to apologise for being mean to me. They were nice.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done on tour with Theme Park and/or Bombay?
It’s all pretty pedestrian these days – kindles, weak tea and making fun of Jamie’s open university modules. I once tried to shit on a car in Brussels though.

Directioner or Belieber?
I actually really enjoyed ‘This Is Us’ – go 1D.

Do you have a fave Bombay song to play live?
It changes a lot. At the moment it’s Overdone, the first one off their new album. I get a cowbell solo.

What gave you the idea to bring the urban grittiness of East London’s basements to the classic BBC tune ‘Dust On The Ground’?
I was bored and I figured it would rile some people. Judging from madhavgupta99’s response (“what the fuck is this ….. this is so fucking disgusting …. its like incest NO worse its like 2 dirty shemale sisters having sex on yur moms bed the 3 people who liked this video are fucking tone deaf just for making this you deserved to be raped by a catholic and then castrated”) I was right.

Will 2014 mark the long awaited return of Flash Louis?


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