Single: Luna – Bombay Bicycle Club

It looks like Bombay have finally grown up. The days where they’d run around the streets of London in a panda costume and show us round their house in a MTV Cribs style video while stoned have gone – it’s sad to see it behind them though. Sophistication has been finalised by the release of the 2nd single from their upcoming album So Long, See You Tomorrow; ‘Luna’.

From the opening beat, it’s clear Bombay Bicycle Club have developed a more experimental flourish with the continuation of unconventional percussion instruments making it sound like it’s come from elsewhere – not the North of London. It’s hard to miss that Jack Steadman remixed the album himself on this track. Similarly to ‘Carry Me’ clips of his own solo material have surfaced to the band’s material making it something new and different; we weren’t expecting this. They’ve got even better.

Joining the Crouch End guys on this single is old friend Rae Morris. Get used to this lovely lady as she’ll be supporting them on their UK tour in a couple of months. We’re used to the talented Lucy Rose on recorded material and more recently, the equally as talented Amber Wilson joining them live but it’s good to have something a little different. Steadman’s and Morris’ voice compliment each other perfectly; maybe it’s persuading us to be more open to the new direction Bombay are taking?

Bombay Bicycle Club have never been the sort to stick to one genre and squeeze multiple albums out of one style; I guess it’s why it’s near impossible to not love at least one of their songs; ‘Luna’ is in no way different. If you compare it to a track off Flaws you wouldn’t realise it’s the same band. Packed full of dance-inducing beats, spacey backing tracks (maybe they might still be in the mood to make a up to date ‘Bombay Bicycle Club do Cribs’) and erratic percussion parts – just imagine this live.

If you haven’t managed to check out ‘Luna’ or any of the recently released tracks off the new album – So Long, See You Tomorrow –  to be released February 3rd make sure you go visit their Soundcloud as soon as you can. The video featuring numerous synchronised swimmers (quite a lot different from the Evening/Morning video) which was directed by Anna Ginsburg is below!


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