Best of the Indie Christmas Covers

What else do you want at this time of year other than Christmas songs? It doesn’t matter if they’re cheesy and the cringiest thing you’ve ever heard; the more cringe the better.

1. It’s Christmas (Close Your Eyes) – Shy Nature

You can’t say no to Shy Nature; back with more of those big chorus tunes you have to listen to. ‘It’s Christmas (Close Your Eyes)’ is joining the many classic romantic Christmas love songs – the hope of finding love under the mistletoe will never get old. Ignore the slightly paedophilic-sounding title and you’ll soon be feeling Christmassy (it’s a bit late if you’re not already) with the glockenspiel and sleigh bell-like cymbals.

2. In the Bleak Midwinter – Birds of Hell

Poems always turn out to be pretty songs which Christina Rossetti’s ‘In The Bleak Midwinter’ has. Bird of Hell’s cover is in no way different with it becoming more endearing with every listen. The vocals come as a shock – ¬†how can someone sing that low?! You can imagine being next to a lit fire on Christmas evening with it snowing outside listening to this and it feeling so good.


3. Last Christmas – Peace

Peace joined by Blaine Harrison covering Wham! can it get any better? Not ashamed to pull out the Christmas jumpers (even if Harrison’s is quite inconspicuous) and Santa hats, again they’ve gone full on out to have a laugh to celebrate this year’s festivities. Shout out to Dom for doing the infamous harmonies we all love so much. Every year we get thrown so many covers of Last Christmas but can we all finally agree that we’ve got a winner?

4. Sycamore – Swim Deep

You have to applaud for them for not following the crowd and filling it in with sleigh bells and tambourines. Swim Deep have gone for a complete different angle if you compare ‘Sycamore’ to early material such as ‘King City’ and ‘Honey’ with a more mellow and calm feel. This is the first SD track I’ve liked for a while; they’ve stripped it all back to make a good song that you’ll want to listen to when it’s cold and you don’t want to do much else. The lack of choirs (let’s forget about the choir at their Birmingham Town Hall gig) and ballad-style have worked in their favour; please write more like this.


5. Last Christmas – Summer Camp

As aforementioned, every year we get overwhelmed with Wham! covers but don’t write off Summer Camp’s attempt after hearing Peace’s. Indie’s favourite married duo Summer Camp have done the opposite to Peace and stripped things back just exposing Elizabeth Sankey’s beautiful, heartfelt vocals, Jeremy Warmsley’s delicately played guitar and that humming.


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