2013: Top 5 Albums

This years gone so fast but it has been a good one for music. So many new bands and albums; we’ve been treated. Starting things off with this mini series of posts about the past year is my top 5 albums of 2013. I find it so hard to put my favourite things in order so I’ll probably change my mind soon but here we go

5. Comfort – Splashh


Splashh are one of those bands that make you feel happy regardless of what mood you were previously. Packed full of lo-fi, summery and dreamy tracks, Comfort has to be on the list of top records this year. How can you not feel nostalgic of summer when listening to it? The Anglo-Antipodean  band made something much more than what we were expecting with it seeming less carefree than what we heard from them before – so much has gone into this record which is what makes it so good and one of the best debuts this year. 

4. AM – Arctic Monkeys


Probably controversial. AM was good, I don’t get how people can disagree. Maybe not best album of the year but definitely up there at the top.  Once you see it live you see it in a completely different light; it was written to be good music that Arctic Monkeys themselves would like and it’s what they want to perform – there’s no point in releasing something that is the same and boring to perform. It’s good they’ve not become one of those bands who produce tracks which they know will sell, there’s nothing wrong with being a little bit risky and taking a chance with it not being liked but just take a chance and learn to appreciate AM. One day you will.

3. In Love – Peace


Anything Peace release is great, never have they written a bad song – even their cover of Beauty and a Beat by Justin Bieber was good. After the release of  their debut EP Delicious, they needed something to be as successful and of course they managed to do it. Both the Koissers, Castle and Boyce never fail to impress with their bold, earworm riffs and just fucking awesome choruses so lets just wait and get excited for what they have for us next year.

2. Drenge – Drenge

Drenge from their name sound like something that will contrast completely with2013Drenge_album_packshot600G080813 every other band listed here and that would be right. Leaning more towards a rock band (that sounds like they’ll be a Disney Channel rock band like The Jonas Brothers), Drenge make unsavoury tracks sound savoury if that even makes sense. Any other band doing this would do it wrong but this is 100% right. It’s the sort of music that live would make everyone want to fuck shit up – not as much as FIDLAR though. As a debut, Drenge have gone miles ahead of any new band in producing their self titled album as it’s nothing like any other debut this year. It’s all ruthless up until ‘Fuckabout’ which contrary to it’s name has completely flipped the persona Drenge have create for themselves in the rest of the record. Maybe this is a Bombay Bicycle Club-esque end to an album helping us know what to expect next time. If it is or even if it isn’t we can still expect some top-notch rock n’ roll.

Holy Fire – Foals


Where would we be without Foals? Constantly making good tunes which we fall in love with – except Cassius, I don’t like to mention Cassius. The first listen we got of Holy Fire was on a livestream presented live from the old chapel of a derelict mental asylum in Peckham. What an entrance. It’s everything we’ve learnt to love from Foals but then so different. We’re used to Yannis’ deep metaphors but this record has gone straight to the point; there’s no mucking around. Big. Poppy. Anthems. Foals have gone all out to make us something different but still the same. There’s no doubt that Holy Fire will still be up there for years to come.


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