BOTD #11: Jack Steadman

Who? Jack Steadman
Where? London
Listen to: Give Up, Cheating, Onsen
Online: Facebook | Soundcloud

Bombay Bicycle Club front man, Jack Steadman works wonders with music; he has never failed with making something truly beautiful sounding. With YouTube full of his remixes, half finished tracks and demos which all show different styles (although half the time it does sound like he’s on something – which he probably is), it’s clear how musically diverse this man is. He makes music look so easy and as if it’s taken no effort to create these perfect tracks; he’s full of talent. Everyone should long to have talent like Jack Steadman

Even at the age of around 12/13 he was making music (HERE) which is better than most of the stuff around today, Krazy Klowns forever. His first album ‘The Moon is a Blowfish’ – the album art is literally a blowfish edited onto a blue background – was recorded on just a cheap computer microphone which shows how good he is with music as it’s still so good with such little equipment. Next up was ‘Split Personality EP’ which Steadman described as “a loose concept album with all the songs having ‘split personalities’ like the parts each of song are extremely different from other parts.” Again record with the same microphone as before and then the other half recorded with a “8-track home studio thingy.” The majority of these early Jack Steadman work is available HERE.

It’s hard to believe he made this around the age of 15/16 as he went on to produce another 2 albums – ‘Tribute to Kabir’ and ‘Short Stories’ – as I for one, couldn’t imagine myself being capable of doing so. His newer material on his Soundcloud is more what we can expect in their new album (title TBC) if Carry Me has anything to go by. Parts of Travelling Song were featured on Carry Me and with ‘A Different Kind of Fix’ being a gradual goodbye to Bombay’s guitar-orientated era let’s be excited for the increased use of the singer’s solo music.

After the release of Bombay Bicycle Club’s next album hopefully we can see the return of Jack Steadman with his own solo career. Below is his remix of Lucy Rose’s Middle of the Bed.


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