Single: I’m Aquarius – Metronomy

“What’s your zodiac sign?” “I’m Aquarius.” signalled the long awaited return of Metronomy. They left us in November 2012 hinting at the possibility we’d be soon given new material and finally, exactly a year later here we are with a new single and an album to released March next year.

It’s as if they never disappeared. They’ve come back with ‘I’m Aquarius’ which still has the proper Metronomy sound we’ve all missed. Joseph Mount’s distinctive vocals, cute little keyboard parts and Anna Prior joining in with steady drums and  the repetitive line “shoop doop doop aah” hasn’t swayed far from their last album The English Riviera (you can’t help but imagine Oscar Cash dancing along) but when you’re as good as Metronomy, it doesn’t matter. It’s just good to see them back and doing business like usual.

Listen below to new single ‘I’m Aquarius’ below and Metronomy’s fourth album Love Letters is released March 10th.


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