BOTD #9 – Titanics

Band: Titanics
Band Members: Mark Lombardo, Derek Rogers
Hometown: New York
For Fans Of: Youth Lagoon
Online: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

If like me you fall in love with synth-orientated music instantly then say hello to your new favourite band Titanics. “Music for insomniacs and dreamers alike.” The New York chillwave and dream-pop duo have described themselves perfectly as their debut album Soft Treasure just screams relaxation at you. A combination of soothing vocals, dreamy riffs and foot-tap-inducing drums make Titanics so much different than the New York bands we think of (The Strokes are all I think about) but in no way is this bad as this is exactly what you need after a long day at work or school.

So if you’re in need of some tranquil, ambient and calming music then the answer is Titanics. Listen below to a track off their latest single Low Frames below!


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