Single: Carry Me – Bombay Bicycle Club

It’s not often I hear a song and my reaction afterwards is just to say “shit” but Bombay Bicycle Club you’ve gone and done it. ‘Carry Me’ sounds like an advance on A Different Kind of Fix which is making the new album seem ever so more exciting.

If you’re familiar with Jack Steadman’s solo work then you’ll be thinking “where have I heard this before?!” which the answer to your question is ‘Travelling Song’. ‘Travelling Song’ is by far the best work Jack Steadman has done which makes their new single even more lovable. With the return of Lucy Rose on backing vocals (I’ll never forget you Amber Wilson), it feels like Bombay are fully back and ready to carry on from where they left off last year.

The best thing about Bombay is how they’re not afraid to completely go “bat-shit-crazy” and just pull something together that is so out of the ordinary but so great at the same time which is exactly what ‘Carry Me’ has done. They seem to have completely forgotten about the acoustic and banjo-filled Flaws and adopted the same bass orientated rhythms as seen in ‘Beg’ – bonus track off A Different Kind of Fix. Don’t act surprised if tomorrow you’re walking around singing ‘you carry me’ repetitively as the chorus is so catchy and won’t leave you forgetting about the Crouch End boys’ return.

Look forward to February 3rd as their new album – yet to be titled – will be released and new single ‘Carry Me’ is released tonight at midnight but for now enjoy their interactive video HERE or listen below!


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