BOTD #6 – Casablanca

Band: Casablanca
Band Members: Jacob Wheldon, Callum Akass, Tom Herzberg, Tom MacColl
Hometown: London
For Fans Of: Two Door Cinema Club, 2k13 Indie Amy ##
Online: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Indie-pop infused with uplifting beats, catchy lyrics and not to forget the odd cowbell; what else could you possibly want from a band? If you remember Lo-Fi Culture Scene – those 15 year olds who toured with the likes of Foals and Bloc Party – they’re back under the new name of Casablanca.

The way to think about Casablanca is either the indie One Direction or that if Indie Amy returned as 2k13 Indie Amy, they’d replace Razorlight as her favourite band.

This is in no way a bad thing like sometimes you need music that when you listen to it for the first time you are wanting to sing along instantly. It would be hard for them not to be good due to their school producing so many good bands such as Bombay Bicycle Club (music obviously runs in the family) and Theme Park.

Also with hype coming from Peace’s Harrison Koisser, Swim Deep’s Cavan McCarthy and Nimrod Kamer (he’s probably going to find this and take the piss out of me) you just want to listen to see what the fuss is about which I recommend you do.

Check out their last single ‘We Could Forever’ for a cat, dog, rabbit, Harrison, Cavan and Nimrod.


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