BOTD #5: Best Friends

Band: Best Friends
Band Members: Lewis Sharman, Tom Roper, Ed Crisp, Jack Collister
Hometown: Sheffield
Sounds like: Wavves
Online: Facebook | Twitter | Bandcamp

Yet another hard-to-Google band but Best Friends, a grungey surf-pop Sheffield 4-piece will without a doubt surpass your expectations.

Listen to their debut EP first (yes it’s the one with the dog) as it’s proper feel good music that makes you want to get up and dance. Songs that sound raw and unclean like demos are my favourite sounding songs so if you’re like me you’re going to fall in love. Their sound makes it seem like they really don’t give a shit but when put all together it’s like this perfect song that sounds like they’ve put their all into it.

So if you’re still drawn in, listen to their latest single ‘Happy Anniversary’. The summery riffs, soft drums and overall lo-fi sound make it seem like summer again so when you’re feeling sad about cold, rainy days put Best Friends on!

You have no excuse not to listen to them as here they are!


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