Single: Lucy Rose – Bikes

Lucy Rose is known by many for her distinctive backing vocals for Bombay Bicycle Club, both live and on the last two Bombay albums Flaws and A Different Kind of Fix. After several solo singles Lucy has become widely known as a talented solo artist and performer – the release of Bikes will hopefully put her firmly into the public eye. Her beautifully haunting voice serves as the calling card for her brilliant solo singles and I’m happy to say that Bikes sets the bar even higher for the rest of her career.

Bikes is the fifth single of Lucy’s solo career and it has kept to the high standard of her previous ones. Her delicate yet powerful voice is what makes her music stand out from the crowd – in a world full of acoustic rock/folk artists such as Benjamin Francis Leftwich and Ben Howard her voice is truly unique and adds depth and quality to any track.

The chorus is upbeat, cheerful and catchy; it’s pretty different to most of her other stuff. Lucy has filled the gap in an acoustic market which has been dominated by male musicians and it really shows that she is capable of being the star, rather than the quiet girl stood at the back doing backing vocals for an indie band.

Bikes is probably her best single so far and I definitely think it’s going to be a hit.


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