BOTD #1: Theme Park

Band: Theme Park
Band Members: Marcus Haughton, Miles Haughton and Oscar Manthorpe
Hometown: London
Sounds like: Talking Heads, Dog is Dead, Bombay Bicycle Club
Online: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

If you haven’t heard of Theme Park where have you been?! With being support for the likes of Bombay Bicycle Club, Bloc Party and a couple of their own headline tours, you’ll have surely crossed paths before but if you’re still clueless about the London trio it’s necessary to listen to Anenomie (thank god they forgot to delete their Bebo) beforehand, it’s hard to believe how far they’ve come from their reggae/indie beginnings – they even say themselves it’s embarrassing.

But what do we have now? This awesome London trio who are the definition of cool and just make music that makes you happy. Theme Park look like such a carefree band who play excitable guitar riffs (if you can show a child running around through music, this is what Theme Park’s guitars sound like), big choruses, funky (yes, I said funky) harmonies and mad drums but when you listen to the lyrics they’re actually really deep. Deep but carefree; Theme Park you’ve done it all.

I’m not going to lie, their album was disappointing but let’s just forget about that blip and remember how fucking amazing all their singles are. Their singles amazed (I can’t think of another word sorry) me personally, even the B-sides were good like ‘Morning Crimes.’ Just listen to ‘Morning Crimes’ and you’ll not want to listen to another song for ages.

Listen to Theme Park and it’ll be something you won’t regret.


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