Album: Charlie Boyer and The Voyeurs ‘Clarietta’

Charlie Boyer and the Voyeurs are a prime example of how playing simple melodies can still make a song sound catchy and memorable.  Their debut album Clarietta shows how enticing their sound is, after one listen it makes you want to press repeat instantly.

‘Things We Be’ starts off the album with an upbeat tone which is instantly conflicted with the slow starting ‘I’ve Got a River’ which once it gets going keeps you engaged in the record. The repetitive intro is what makes Charlie Boyer and the Voyeurs stand out and be noticeable. ‘Clarietta’ follows and again this displays how they have managed to make their music sound effortless but then so intricate at the same time.

‘Go Blow a Hale’ slows down the record and makes a nice chilled break in the middle but this is pause is immediately forgotten by ‘You Haven’t Got A Chance’ which quickly resumes the catchy guitar rhythms. The relaxed laid-back vibes created in ‘A Lion’s Way’ contrast the majority of the previous half of the album which allows you to fully appreciate how good their debut album is. This slowed down tempo is carried on into ‘Clarinet’ which has soothing vocals and a hypnotising beat.

The disparity between songs is seen straight away in ‘I Watch You’ as the quickening beat returns but then is taken away in ‘Be A Complete Dream’ which as its title suggests leads you to feel dreamy and calm. ‘Be Glamorous’ which was their third single immediately awakens the dreamy state and makes you see the band for what they are; glamorous. This track feels slightly dancy due to the fun guitar and quick pace; this will be a song for summer. Lastly ‘The Central Tonne’ ends the album with the ambience it started in the middle, leaving you hoping Charlie Boyer and The Voyeurs will soon return with more.


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