Splashh, Charlie Boyer and The Voyeurs + Shy Nature LIVE @ The Temple, Birmingham 14.10.13

When you think of Splashh you might not think of a cold, rainy Monday night in Birmingham but on their tour of their debut album Comfort it’s where they ended up and they definitely didn’t disappoint.

Contradictory of their name, Shy Nature started the evening off with ease despite the small crowd and it being their first date of the tour. Impressing everyone with a perfect mixture of strong guitars, energetic drums and to-die-for vocals, they’re definitely a band to keep on an eye on.

Next on the bill were Charlie Boyer and The Voyeurs who just looked effortlessly cool on stage with their raucous style of playing live which makes you want to love them even more. The previously stand-offish crowd moved instantly towards the glam rockers when the opening riff of ‘I’ve Got A River’ sounded out with more and more people joining them as their set carried on. Some new material was thrown in making it even more exciting to see what The Voyeurs will be up to next. They finished off with ‘I Watch You’ insuring everyone was left ready and in the mood for headliners Splashh.

As soon as Splashh stepped on stage it was obvious that they were who everyone had come down for. Kicking things off with ‘Washed Up’ and ‘Lemonade’, the surf-rock 4 piece got the crowd bobbing along which soon led to dancing thanks to a couple of enthusiastic people (you know who you are). Amongst the setlist filled with hits from their debut album Comfort were new songs ‘Rehash’ and ‘Peanut Butter and Jelly’ which carry on the same lo-fi sound we all know and love Splashh for. Singles ‘All I Wanna Do’ and an extended version of ‘Need It’ ended the night and made the scarce crowd finally start moving and joining in with the lyrics. Even though it didn’t quite live up to the expectations of the last time the Anglo/Antipodean band were here (it wouldn’t be easy sharing the night with Babyshambles at the O2 Academy), they had no problem in making sure everyone there had the best time they could.


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